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Complete Calendar of Every Free Outdoor Movie In New York City This Summer

May 17th, 2011 |  Published as an Aside in Arts, Entertainment, Events, Things to Do | by

Time Out New York has compiled a complete list of all the free outdoor movies you can go see this summer in NYC!  Sure, we often talk about how expensive it is to live here, but there are also a lot of free gems if you know where to look- I’ve been to a handful of outdoor movies around the city in the past and they are a blast- a few thousand people sprawled across a park enjoying the weather and a movie.

Check out what you can see for each month:

A couple of tips before you go:

  • Take a blanket (no matter how dry it seems, your butt will get wet without one)
  • Get there EARLY.  Like a couple hours ahead of time, or good luck finding space.  We usually send 2 people ahead of time.
  • Take some food/booze– a bottle of wine and a variety of snacks is always handy.  Sometimes you can buy food at these events, but life will be easier with a block of cheese and some Wheat Thins
  • Defend your space– even if you get there early and lay out a blanket, people will encroach on your area…defend your plot, but don’t hog up a full acre if you only have 2 people.

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