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Where is the best coffee in New York?

November 7th, 2011 |  Published as an Aside in BANY Recommends, Eating Out | by

Coffee is the gasoline of New York City- with a populous that is perpetually behind schedule, stressed out, sleep deprived and in a hurry, we all need some caffeinated motivation to keep moving. Everyone has their neighborhood go-to spot for their morning Joe, but sometimes you really want to treat yourself to a nice well-roasted cup of glorious java. Luckily, the New York Times put together a great map of some of the best coffee you can find in all of New York.

New York Times' map of the Best Coffee in New York City

While it is a little bit biased towards Manhattan, it is a pretty handy map if you want to go in search of some great coffee.  If you are really lucky, maybe you live right next to one and the best coffee in New York City just so happens to be that go-to neighborhood spot!

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