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Ask a New Yorker – Chris

January 8th, 2011 |  Published in About New York, Ask A New Yorker, Eating Out, Entertainment, Living in New York, Things to Do

Part of the Ask A New Yorker series.

Biggest Surprise Living in the City

The people here really aren’t as mean as they’re often portrayed.  Whether it’s on TV or in the movies, New Yorkers are often shown as insensitive.  This has not been my experience.  I’ve met so many nice people in the four months I’ve lived here.  I will say that there is a sense of animosity towards a lot of tourist areas, since they’re so overwhelmingly busy all the time (Times Square); but overall, everyone has been very helpful and supportive…and I’m not even an attractive woman.

Best New York Moment

I’m pretty sure I blacked out for the first 48 hours I was here, but since then, it’s been a blast.  One memorable experience came the second weekend in town when I went out in Williamsburg with a friend.  I indulged in some legal beverages and at the end of the night decided to just find my own way home…this was a mistake.  I was about a 10-minute walk away, but it took me about an hour because I GOT SO LOST!  So, when you’re new in town and you go out drinking, just take a cab.

Least Favorite Part of Living In The City

People say that this city will eat you alive, and they’re not kidding.  It’s huge.  It’s dirty.  And you share it with millions of people who are all looking out for themselves.  Subway rides can make you feel like a cow being herded into a metal death-box.  Your small apartment reminds you of how much money you don’t have, and you will miss your family and friends back home, but all that fades away when you look across the water and remember that you’re living in the greatest city on Earth.  Anything can happen here, and just by living in NYC, you’re opening yourself up to millions of opportunities that you won’t find anywhere else.  It’s not for everyone, but I love it here.

Favorite Free NYC Activity

Comedy.  Whether it’s Sunday nights at the Knitting-Factory, or Thursday nights at Kabin, there are sooooo many good, free comedy shows happening every week.   It takes a little while to figure out where and when the best ones are, but I can help you with that.  Put your questions in the comments.

Best Music Venue

Union Hall in Park Slope, Brooklyn.  It’s a cool, small venue in an awesome neighborhood, and yes, you guessed it, the best karaoke spot in town.  Come Friday night, I will rock your socks off to some Ashlee Simpson…and maybe some Amy Grant.

Favorite Sandwich Spot

Alidoro, in SoHo.  It’s a little, Italian hole-in-the-wall that will leave your taste buds thanking God that they’re alive.

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