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The Big Apple according to John Oliver

The Emmy-winning, Daily Show comedian responds to your questions about ten New York City oddities.  Read more , courtesy of Time Out New York. I really liked this one: Why did milk once have a regular expiration date and an NYC expiration date? New Yorkers have a much higher lactose tolerance than the rest of […]

How to Talk Like a New Yorker

I came across this video from Rocketboom the other day- it’s a pretty cool breakdown of the typical ‘New York accent’ as a voice coach walks an Aussie from a think ‘Down Under’ accent to a passable old-school NY tone.  I’ve always thought regional dialects are really interesting, and living in a city with a […]

50 Reasons to Be Pretty Damn Euphoric You Live in New York City

A couple months ago, the Village Voice posted this list of things that make living in New York awesome and it is definitely worth a read.  My favorites: “#9: Jaywalking is an art form” and “#23: Efficiency in a drugstore checkout line.” It is the little things that make New York what it is and hopefully you can […]

Ask a New Yorker – Chris

Part of the Ask A New Yorker series. Biggest Surprise Living in the City The people here really aren’t as mean as they’re often portrayed.  Whether it’s on TV or in the movies, New Yorkers are often shown as insensitive.  This has not been my experience.  I’ve met so many nice people in the four months […]

The Good (New) Days In New York

New York is a funny place in that it, at once, holds out such promise and possibilities for the future, and in the obverse, harkens one to the good, old days. Well, as someone who has lived in Manhattan for all of my almost 59 years, I clearly remember the “good old days” as not […]

Streets and Avenues: A History of the Grid System

As a follow-up to my last post about the difference between streets and avenues, I thought some of you might be interested to learn just how one of the biggest cities in the world got everyone to agree that all the blocks needed to be rectangular and uniform.  New York is not the only city […]

Hidden Secrets: Speakeasies

Going out in New York can be exhausting. Speakeasies are your answer.

Hidden Secrets: A New Yorker’s Guide to Life

One of the first things you’ll notice about living in New York is the role that word-of-mouth suggestions play in your daily life.  Friends are the best guidebooks, and though our restaurant critics are lauded with celebrity status, recommendations from someone you’ve had a drink with usually hold much more value.  With that said, your […]

How to Keep Your Head Up (and Watch Out for Taxis)

It’s tough adjusting to life in NYC, but I’m here to help. The transition can seem overwhelming at times but if you take a step back and a deep breath, you’ll see that you have nothing to be afraid of and everything to be excited for.

Mistakes to Avoid During Your First Few Weeks in New York

As a precursor to my first post on this brilliantly overdue website, I dare not claim that I have accomplished the goal and graduated to bona fide New Yorker status. 16 months does not a New Yorker make. What 16 months in this big tiny city does make, however, is a misplaced and disgruntled Midwesterner…who […]

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