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How to Keep Your Head Up (and Watch Out for Taxis)

November 20th, 2010 |  Published in About New York, Living in New York, Relocating

You made it to New York, congratulations and welcome…oh, and get ready for one of the toughest transitions of your life.  New York City is an incredible place, but it can be overwhelming.  Don’t fret – it gets easier.  I moved here about 8 weeks ago, and I can barely remember my first few days because of how much my head was spinning.  Nothing can really prepare you for this transition, BUT I pledge to do my best to help make it as easy as possible.  Check out these tips from a guy who’s still learning what it means to be a New Yorker:

1.  The first few days will be tough, but it gets easier.

  • You’re leaving everything you know behind: Friends, family and pets, and you’re going to miss them, but don’t get down.  You moved here for a reason, don’t lose sight of that.  Dreams come true in this city, and the experience you gain from living here is impossible to replicate.  You’re going to learn a lot about yourself and others, so get excited for the adventure!

2.   You’ll be surprised how many people you already know.

  • When I moved here, I had a few friends, but that changed quickly.  It seemed like every week I’d hear of someone else that I went to college with, or who was a friend of a friend, that lived here too.  There have even been times where I’ve run into someone that I haven’t talked to in years just to discover that they’re living in the city too. These newly found comrades help make the concrete jungle seem a little more manageable.  Check your Facebook friends and filter the search by city; I bet you’ll be surprised at how many people here you already know.

3.    Make sure you’re getting out of your house/apartment.

  • When overwhelmed, it’s tempting to just curl up in front of the TV or computer screen and watch episodes of ‘Glee’ all day…don’t!  While everyone needs a little musical reprieve, you need to get out and experience the city you have just moved to.  Find a friend and go out to dinner.  Get on your college’s NYC alumni email list, and go check out some of their events.  The more you do, the more people you meet and the less you feel like a stranger in your new home.  If you’re shy, have a couple of drinks* at dinner, liquid courage never hurts (*responsibly, of course).  Do what you need to do, get out there and get plugged in.  You didn’t move here to have a bottle of wine by yourself every Friday night, so don’t let that happen.  As you’re told as a freshman in college: If you don’t get involved within the first couple of weeks, you’re probably never going to.  Own your time, and make the most of it!
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